The success of the Green Step

Gulf Real Estate Projects Co has a remarkable success in Green step program
Gulf Real Estate Projects Co achieved a remarkable success in Green Step program which has been assigned with Istidama Company. Gulf Real Estate Projects Co is the first real estate company which assigns these agreements and turns its towers in to eco-friendly towers because of company’s concern to provide best and remarkable services for their customers.
Similarly, public relations and marketing officer Sara Alshemmari added that what the company assigned in last days added a new impression of local real estate market. Assigning Green Step agreement is one of remarkable services in Durwaza tower 51 in the East area. Besides, recycling result in the first quarter of 2012 was 80Kg of recycled materials  – 3 kg per day- and in April it duplicated to be 255Kg – 9.8KG per day, in May was 150 kg- 5.7 kg per day. All tenants of Durwaza tower cooperates with the company in collecting non- recyclable materials process. It’s expected that materials amount will be decreased in the next 3 months because of summer holiday and Ramadan. Work will be decreased and it’s expected that the amount will increase in the beginning of September. She added that Gulf Real Estate Projects Co seeks to turn all its real estate’s to eco-friendly estates which started in Durwaza tower51.