Buying an investment builiding – Hawali1

Gulf Projects for Real-estate company buys investment building
AlNouri: the company is on the phase development and will conduct more bargains
The Gulf Projects for Real-estate Company buys investment building in strategic site in Hawali amounting approximately 2.5 million dollar.
Mr. Mohammed Nori the area manger of the company said that investment building is the good in this time due to its revenue ratio is more ranges between 8% till 10% annually. The occupied places of the investment building reach 95% and are requested by the arrivals and citizens. It is noticed that the number of the investment building may reach to 13 thousands in 2013 throughout Kuwait. This step is recognized implementing of the company strategic through the next three years in order to expand in the assets of the company and increase the flow of cash that will reflects positively on the balance and financial lists and will achieve profits in future.